Release Your Anxiety

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Soothing Anxiety:

A Guided Meditation Journey for Overwhelmed Overthinkers

An original, unique 10-minute audio and visual journey to help soothe the body and the mind, even if you can't sit still.

Do you find yourself constantly worrying:

"What if I don't do well at the interview?"

"What if they laugh at me when I speak my mind?"

"What if I try my hardest and it doesn't work?

You can learn to trust yourself.

This guided meditation can help.

What makes this meditation different?

This 10-minute guided journey was created by an expert mental health professional & trained voiceover artist with a ‘soothing voice style’.

The unusual style of meditation focuses, not just on relaxing the body, but also on the mind to release anxious thoughts as well.

This meditation takes you on a journey of beautiful landscape scenes to help you connect with nature to relax and ground you.

Curious, but not quite sure if

The Soothing Anxiety Guided Meditation is for you?

Listen to a short 1-minute extract from The Soothing Anxiety Meditation below.

My mental health has improved and my beliefs about life have expanded. I have a new perspective and I can see things in a different way. Thank you for your help”.

- Mohammed

This is for you if:

  • You don’t like sitting in silence when you’re meditating
  • You feel weird because you're not quite sure where to look while meditating
  • You like hearing a soothing voice
  • You're a busy professional with only 10 minutes to relax
  • Your workplace is causing you a lot of stress
  • Your home environment is stressful
  • You’re a new mother & worry about how your agitated parenting will impact your child
  • You need to learn how to soothe yourself
  • need to find a way to release your anxious thoughts
  • Especially if you’re a Type 3 or 5 on the Enneagram Personality Profile (you know who you are. 🙂)

About Santou

About Santou

I’ve been meditating in various ways for 25+ years to soothe my anxious mind and help me to reconnect with my body and my inner knowing and wisdom.

Throughout my personal life experiences of loss, such as immigration to another country and grief, meditation has made a huge difference in my life.

I’m a mental health and spiritual health professional who has worked with and helped hundreds of clients experiencing anxiety, as well as other issues, in both clinical settings and in private practice.

See what people say about working with me:

“Santou has shown me warmth, acceptance and empathy. She has helped me become more self-aware & not give up. She has a wealth of understanding & knowledge in supporting those of us who have experienced loss, trauma”.

- Julie

If you want to be able to find moments of peace throughout your day, try this soothing guided meditation for anxious minds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the meditation?

This is yours to keep listening to over and over again

Meditation just makes me overthink more. I can't shut off my mind. What if it doesn't work?

This meditation was created by a mental health professional who has worked with anxious people for decades. It was designed to help you feel safe. This tool is meant to give you a start at lessening the overthinking to give you some relief over time, through repetitive listening. If you can feel safe enough to relax your body, you will be able to relax your thoughts as well.

When can I see results?

Just like a musical instrument you learn to play, it's not gonna be perfect the first time around. You you need to keep practicing what is suggested in the meditation so your physical and mental muscles learn how to respond appropriately.

Can I get a refund?

This is a digital product which you have access to, so unfortunately, there are no refunds on this item.